I have traveled with Oriz on the Pamir Highway twice: both times in October. As a guide, Oriz beautifully manages to balance professional guidance and friendly companionship. His knowledge is extensive, but he caters his guidance to the interests of his tourists. On my second trip I was traveling with old friends from university, and the memories of us hanging out with Oriz at the guesthouses stand out as particularly cherished. Another one of Oriz\’s virtues as a professional guide is his flexibility and ability to arrange complex excursions. I can speak for his flexibility in the Wakhan altering our itinerary to find the ideal place to spend the night for photography. We canceled one night in Langar and stayed one night in Yamk (spelling?) instead. I can not recommend Oriz enthusiastically enough. If you are looking for friendly companionship that will show you the most generous and sincere aspects of Pamiri culture, Oriz is the man. If you are looking for professionalism in guidance, Oriz is still the man.