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Varzob Valley

Varzob valley is a favourite recreation area for Dushanbe residents. There are many recreation areas and picnic spots here. It is widely known as a small geographic area close to Dushanbe in the basin of the Varzob River, crossing the central part of the southern slopes of the Hissar range. Highways connecting Dushanbe with northern districts of the country and the Ferghana Valley.

The Lower Varzob River, which changes name to “Dushanbinka”, flows into the wide plain in which Dushanbe is situated, and further to the west of the capital, into the Kofarnihon River. From its start to its exit into the plain, the Varzob Valley is 72km long. The drop in altitude from the beginning of the river to its mouth is  1.5km. The flora of the Varzob  is rich and diverse. There are juniper, walnut, maple, apple, cherryplum, and hawthorn trees, and shrubby arboreal vegetation.

In Varzob valley is the Gusgarf Waterfall, the most beautiful in the Hissar range.  A large volume of water cascades to the bottom and scatters into a myriad of droplets that cheerfully glitter in the sun. A footpath to the waterfall starts from the 21km marker in Varzob Valley. From here to the waterfall is a 2-3 hours walk (about 8km). April-May is the best time for a hike to the waterfall. At this time of year the mountain slopes are full of red tulips, and hawthorn and other plants are in blossom. Those who love the thrilling experience can test themselves in unusual water treatment.